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Top 8 Reasons Why Your Airbnb Needs An Interior Designer

With the additional income, great return on investment (ROI), and incredible tax advantages offered by renting out a property for Airbnb, hosts can expect to enjoy an exciting experience and a fun opportunity to learn new skills. However, designing, preparing, and planning an Airbnb is a technical task that requires multiple aspects to be considered to make your space stand out, maximize bookings, and attract and satisfy guests. This explains why hiring an interior designer to help you with decorating your property’s interior is the best bet that can win you massive positive results and profits — scroll on to learn more!

Help Create Properties Your Guests Will Love

When looking to make income from a property rented out as an Airbnb, it is important to consider all the aspects that contribute to making a space appealing, functional, and comfortable. Do you have the skill to make the property practical? Do you have the eye to pick the design style and colors that will suit the property? Do you know the essentials you’ll need to add for your guests? Professional interior designers for Airbnb have the talent to attend to each detail, from the initial concept to the inventory, installation, and minor tips and tricks that put together the “wow” factor of the final result.

Help Save Time

Apart from possessing the right skill and talent to decorate your property, Airbnb hosts require adequate time (ranging from a couple of weeks to months) to decorate their space beautifully. And remember, cutting out on anything, whether it be the timespan or the budget, can leave loopholes in the design, which can ultimately bring up pinch points in the long term.

Therefore, hiring expert Airbnb interior design services will mean that each task will receive the required attention and time, be it a small activity like selecting the soft furnishings to add texture and comfort or a major task like choosing the right colour scheme and best furniture.

Assist In Cutting Out On The Expenses

While this might sound absurd, investing in an Airbnb interior design package will definitely save you money in the long run. But how exactly does that work? Professional interior designers have the right knowledge required to do the job perfectly the very first time. If, for example, you decide to DIY the entire décor process, there’s a solid chance that you might end up with mistakes, such as picking the wrong-sized furniture, installing inappropriate wallpapers (like small-scale designs in big rooms), or cheaper window treatments. Such errors will need to be fixed down the lane, meaning you’ll have to spend twice the amount.

Interior designers, on the other hand, are adept at what they do and ensure you get the best bang for your buck without having to re-invest a few months later. Paired with that, interior designers know the best places to shop and can land the highest-quality products that fit your budget and have trade discounts. As such, they manage to be a one-stop shop for your property’s makeover without you even having to lift a finger!

Help Maximize The Value of Your Property

A good interior design will give a significant boost to the value of your property. This will be helpful not only in improving your position on the listing of the short-term rental sites but will also bring you a greater return if you ever decide to sell your property in the future.

Whether it's through renting out extra space by implementing smart hacks, making use of yard space, or providing additional space for parking, an interior designer knows exactly how to increase the value of your property without breaking the bank.

Help Bring More Bookings

While there are people who want a cozy and comfortable place to live in, some are more attracted to booking a place where they feel like they’re on vacation. They want to live in a place that stands out from the rest, especially from an ordinary home. But if your property is similar to most of the Airbnbs on the market or the interior of a simple home, your chances of being preferred and booked drop drastically. This is exactly where hiring an interior designer kicks in as the best bet. They will give your property a unique and inviting aura while making sure that it appeals to the majority.

Remember, people also love posting on their social media accounts when they’re on vacation. So if your Airbnb is picture-perfect, you’ll get to enjoy free advertising through your customer’s accounts. This makes it evident that an investment in good Airbnb interior design services is worthwhile both in terms of the generation of higher incomes through more bookings and the guarantee of people coming back to enjoy the services again.

Help Provide Long-Lasting Results

Durability is an essential factor of short-term rentals. Products can break, stains can happen, and things can get spilled on. Hiring an interior designer who specializes in STR can save you from the hassle of constantly replacing and renewing the property. Such experts realize the value of durability and help you choose the best articles and fabrics out there. From washable bedding and teakwood furniture to breathable linens and LED lighting, interior designers for Airbnb will pick out all the essentials needed to save you from refurbishing your property every time a visiting family leaves.

Help Make You Look Professional

Appearing professional in everything you do while renting out a property is a vital step in winning maximum guests. Creating a place where everything is organized in a designated area, a property that considers every minute detail, and a space that gives the guests not only an experience but also a memorable time will definitely make you look professional.

The good news is that a professional interior designer can lend a helping hand in doing so while also managing to get you listed as a super host.

Interior Designers Work For Everyone

Decorating a property that will be shared by different people at different times requires a lot more forethought and planning than a home that is personalized to your taste. After all, one man’s trash is a treasure for another. In such cases, an interior designer can perfect the job of creating a space that is loved by all (or at least the majority) visitors, regardless of individual taste.


Owning and renting out an Airbnb is a fun experience that brings great results with minimum work, given that you follow the right tips and tricks — which, of course, includes hiring professional Airbnb interior design services. Although it might initially seem like an unnecessary expense, the dramatic results brought by their amazing packages will double your income and cut out on extra expenses of renovating the property every now and then.

So, what are you waiting for? Look up the best interior designers for Airbnb in your area and transform your property now!

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