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Tranquil blue Matalan bedroom for under £600!!

Achieve this exact look, all from Matalan for under £600!!! This cool, tranquil, blue themed haven gives a sophisticated opulent look that’s affordable and effective. Take a look at the items below to see how this can be achieved…

Step 1 - Select your paint colour

Paint - Dulux Blue Incense – This beautiful, calm blue colour is the ultimate tranquil finish to this room. I would recommend painting this to all walls and use stark white paint to the ceiling and wood work, creating that contrast.

Step 2 - Ceiling Light Fitting

Ceiling light £150 – I love this light!!! Place this light over the centre of your bed to add the wow factor. You can shorten the wires to suit any space.

Tip - £150 out of your price range? No problem, swap this light for a simple white or grey easy fit shade. There are so many available for as little as £20. Make sure to get one 40cm or bigger if you can, so it doesn’t get lost within the room.

Step 3 - Bedsides

How cool are these side tables? They have a sleek black frame and marble effect top that creates a side table that demands attention. Only £50 each.

Step 4 - Lamps

These beautiful glass table lamps will add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. They are 52cm high so will definitely draw your eye, the glass ball body picks out the shapes from the main ceiling light. £55 each.

Step 5 - Accessories

Large black lantern £24 – Use these sleek black lanterns either on the floor, or to decorate a piece of furniture. They add a cosy, warm vibe to the room.

Blanket £20 – Use this textured grey blanket to drape over the bed to add colour.

Step 6 - Select your cushions

These are beautiful and add that tranquil vibe. The soft blue tones work perfectly in this space and will pop out from the white bedding. £8 each

Blue velvet cushions £12 – These soft, matte velvet cushions will give your bedroom an opulent touch. They will stand out from the white bedding and blend in nicely with the pale, patterned blue cushions

Cushions £12 – Sticking with the cosy vibe, these faux fur cushions will bring texture to the room and reflect the deep pile rug.

Step 7 - Bedding

Duvet cover double £35 – I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for white bedding. It adds a fresh, crisp feel to your interior and allows for you to add any colour you like into the room with cushions and throws without looking too busy.

Step 8 - Artwork

Frames £5 – Add 2 of these smaller glass frames along with the larger one below to create a cluster over the centre of the bed.

Tip – Use black stylish hooks instead of nails to hang these on to the wall.

Frames £7 – These glass frames match the other glass elements in the room. The black frame again highlights the black metal in the bedside and the lanterns. Creating designs that flow are key and they are the secret to a successful design.

Step 9 - Rug

Rug large £100 – Not a necessity but soooooo nice!!!! If you have hard wood floors I would definitely recommend adding a rug to this design. If you want to save on the budget then skip this element, but rugs help to create a homely ambience.

So there you have it, a complete new bedroom look for under £600. Let me know what you think...

Tip – Add lots of greenery to this space to bring that indoor/outdoor feel, making spaces feel larger and fresh.

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