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8 Reasons To Hire An Interior Designer Even When You Think You Shouldn’t

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Have you recently moved or looking to revamp your home? - How about hiring an interior designer to help you turn those Pinterest saves into your dream home?

A lot of people believe that interior designers are only for the rich. However, not only do Interior Designers give your home décor a professional touch, but they can save you money too!

Find out how, with my 8 reasons to hire an Interior Designer.

8 Reasons Why Hiring An Interior Decorator is Worth It!

1 - Save You Money

A very common misconception about interior designers is that they are a luxury most people cannot afford and only deal in high-end furnishing and accessories. However, the truth is far from that.

With even our supermarkets offering homeware nowadays, statement pieces are more available than ever. Modern trends are changing the traditional perception of expensive interior design into a fun and accessible approach.

A designer would, for instance, share the trade discounts that they get as perks from brands. Also, they have multiple connections with wholesale retailers and manufacturers, so they can strike the best deal for you by cutting out the resellers.

How about you save as much money as you spent by hiring a designer in the first place! What’s better than a professional doing your interiors and your pocket is still full! Win-win!

2 - Working To a Budget

Let’s face it. Designers “design” for a living, and it’s everyday work for them. They can see ahead of you while you desperately want to splurge on a big bright pink armchair.

Their budgeting and planning will help you understand where it is wise to spend your money and where you should rethink before making a purchase.

All you need to do is be upfront about your budget and expectations, and it's their job to get you the best result between the two.

3 - An Expert's Touch

Getting your interiors done by a professional certainly ups your design game. They know how to add the right amount of glamour and subtlety to make a room pop.

Since the designers have experience, they can pay attention to little details you would have missed. Ask an interior specialist, and they will tell you why you need a window on your bedroom’s east-facing wall for a brightly lit interior.

They bring a fresh perspective to the table and help make your space functional yet stylish with their eye-catching designs. You would thank them for the confidence when all you were doing was going around in circles with just the colour palette selection. They can not only fix your dilemma regarding choices but also suggest innovative ideas that you couldn't think of on your own.

4 - Minimize Mistakes

Trial and error while decorating your home could be hectic and pretty expensive. Imagine spending hundreds of pounds on a designer sofa only to find out that it is too big for your living room.

Professional designers have a process of working with measurements of your space, décor theme, budget, and end goals. Thus, they have a sound idea about how to add eye-catching details to your room without making expensive mistakes.

You can trust them to nail the job in one go. No repainting the room because it looks too dark or replacing the furniture because it does not go with your theme.

5 - You Can Focus On Other Things

Several things in life need your attention other than choosing the right wall paint for your bathroom. Your family needs your energies more than the walls of your home. Hence, it is better to let the interior designers do the hard work for you so you can focus on enjoying the process with your loved ones.

Also, deciding on a décor theme, choosing a colour palette, searching for the right accessories, and paying attention to the smaller details can be stressful.

Hiring a designer will help you keep your senses through the process. They will swiftly take the pressure and worry off your shoulder and save you time too.

5 - Showcasing Your Style

You know you are a Bohemian soul but need help to execute your personality into your interiors? Just let your designer know and they will help personalize your space according to your taste.

But what if you don't even know what your style is? They know how to figure it out too! Interior designers can take cues from your personality, your choice of clothing, and your desired outcomes to visualize what kind of interiors you would love and design accordingly.

7 - Add To Your House Value

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that painting your house the right colour will only add to its appearance – it adds to the value too! A well-decorated property with excellent attention to detail will automatically be more tempting to buyers when you want to sell it.

Hence, you could get the best bargain for your house and, best-case scenario – make a little extra money too!

8 - Consultations

Found a picture of a regal-looking bedroom on Pinterest and cannot get it out of your head? Try getting a consultation from a professional to get an idea of how you’ll need to move forward to achieve the look.

Expert designers like Amy Elizabeth Interiors offer online or in-person consultations help out with any design dilemmas and suggest ways to move around them. This way, you can successfully carry out a DIY project and save some cash.

Designers Are Saviours!

They save your money, time, efforts, and most importantly, sanity. Gone are the days when interior designers were there just for society’s most elite class. Today, they collaborate with all kinds of homeowners who are looking to pull the perfect aesthetics for their homes.

So are you sold on the idea of hiring an interior decorator yet? Let us know in the comments below!

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